March 30, 2016

The Hated Cheesy Wedding DJ

How to Avoid the “Cheese Factor” at your Wedding

It seems like the biggest challenge facing brides is:
“How do I have a fun wedding reception…that ISN’T cheesy?”

I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two about “cheese” in my fifteen plus years of weddings…

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1. Cheese (the non-dairy kind) is relative.

What’s “cheesy” to you might be fun for someone else.
Many couples say “I don’t want anything cheesy at my wedding.”
Then, later, insist on the Electric Slide for their grandmother.

Some brides will find the Electric Slide cheesy, but the Cha-Cha Slide or Cupid Shuffle are OK.
Where do you fit in?

It’s important to define what is “cheesy” for you.
Be specific about the songs, artists, dances, and attire that are off-limits to you.

Having fun with the bride at the wedding with Orlando DJ Chuck Johnson

2. Anything can become cheesy when it is forced.

At a past wedding, one of my couples asked me to play Mr. Roboto by Styx as they were introduced.
The groom danced his way in… doing the robot. It was hysterical, guests holding their sides with laughter.

Now, if I decided to play Mr. Roboto and tried to lead everyone in the robot, would that be fun?
Most likely your guests would roll their eyes at the clueless DJ.

If your guests are FORCED to do something, it can quickly become cheesy.
However, if it flows naturally, even “silly” can be just plain fun.

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3. Cheese is always worse in your imagination.

Just like any worry, your imagination can run away with you.
You start imagining everything that can go wrong- will- because of horror stories online.

It’s always worse in your imagination.
When weddings unfold in a natural, organic, and fun way, everything is more enjoyable.

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You can have a fun wedding where your guests dance all night. You DON’T have to die from embarrassment.
Don’t worry, professional DJs understand.

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