September 17, 2017

Virtual Fireworks!

Are You Ready for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT Wedding Experience?

Imagine this: Indoor fireworks, exploding from floor to ceiling, at your wedding reception
Indoor fireworks? Really?

Many couples want to re-live the “Happily Ever After” from Disney…
…and you can! See the shortened samples of the shows below.
(Don’t forget- you can use ANY song to accompany your Virtual Fireworks show)

YES… Really. You get the latest in projection technology… that brings “virtual” fireworks directly to you.
Want to see more? Check out another video here:

Forget about those old, dated wedding traditions.
Remember, in the old days, when guests would patiently sit and wait during the First Dance?
Or… at the end… completely miss your Farewell Dance?

Forget about that.
Now you can add amazing Fireworks to any Special Dance that you like.

This is a perfect alternative for Orlando Wedding Venues that do not allow real sparklers (due to liability reasons).
Now you really can have fireworks, with none of the mess… think of the excitement from all your family and friends!

Your special dance begins… and then the fireworks begin.
Just as in a real fireworks show, when the song ends as your fireworks burst into a Grand Finale, leaving your guests in amazement.


Virtual Fireworks- $400
You can also get this service if you are NOT using DJ Chuck for your wedding:
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