September 17, 2017

Virtual Fireworks!

Are you Ready for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT Grand Finale?

Imagine this: Indoor fireworks, exploding from floor to ceiling, as your wedding reception comes to a close.
But how? Indoor fireworks? Really?

YES… Really. You get to have the latest in projection technology… that brings “virtual” fireworks directly to you.
The best way to see what we are talking about is to watch the 1-minute video, and see for yourself:

Forget about those old, dated wedding traditions.
Remember, in the old days, when guests would hold hands, and circle around the couple swaying back and forth?
And that was supposed to be how an awesome party… ended?
Yawn. That’s an old-school wedding reception. And worst of all… it’s boring.

This is a perfect alternative for Orlando Wedding Venues that do not allow real sparklers (due to liability reasons).
Now you really can have fireworks, with none of the messiness… think of the excitement from all your family and friends!

Your DJ will start your Last Dance of the Evening… and then the fireworks begin.
Just as in a real fireworks show, the “farewell” song ends as your fireworks burst into a Grand Finale, leaving your guests in amazement.
Your guests end their evening on an incredible high, capping off the most incredible night of your life.


Virtual Fireworks- $400
You can also get this service if you are NOT using DJ Chuck for your wedding:
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