May 7, 2015

Orlando Wedding DJs- Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Orlando DJs for your Wedding

Can you provide references that aren’t simply “typed out” on your website?

I can only stay in business by having scores of delighted Couples- who refer future jobs to me time after time.
All comments on my site about Orlando DJs link back to the actual review.

Are you trained as a Wedding DJ- or are you a “club” DJ?

There are big differences between Orlando DJs trained in weddings or clubs. You will get a professional Wedding DJ.
I have specific training, on-air announcing experience, and serve as your MC.
I don’t do it “just for fun” or “on the side”.

Will these questions answer every question I have?

Maybe. Please check out my TRUTH page about Orlando DJs. You can also call me at 407.296.4996 for more information.

What experience do you have?

I have years of experience as a DJ in Orlando and Central Florida. I’ve performed at hundreds of weddings, parties, and dances. Whether it’s a small reception or a grand performance at Disney, you can see the Orlando DJ Reviews here.

How many Orlando weddings do you do?

I’ve personally performed over 2000 weddings. You can see many of them on my blog, Instagram, and video clips on TikTok.

What about Vow Renewals and Same-Sex Wedding Receptions?

I’ve performed many Vow Renewals and Same-Sex Weddings. I welcome and love all kinds of receptions!

What Premium Services set you apart from other Orlando Wedding DJs?

Each wedding is completely unique. The Wedding Reception Blueprint® will show you how to elevate your reception experience.
This original Blueprint® is not available from any other DJ in Orlando.

What equipment do you use?

The equipment used is 100% professional audio. Some examples: Bose Professional®, Shure®, and Denon®.

What is different about the equipment you use?

I use the Bose® Professional L1 system. It is suitable for up to 350 guests. It brings a more exclusive, high-end, polished look.

Forget about typical DJ speaker boxes, cases, and trusses. This system brings elegant refinement that will blend with your decor. You can see the Bose Equipment I use here.

Do you use a wireless microphone?

Yes, and your guests may use the microphone for toasts. I have a range of over 500 feet, so I can cover any venue.

What type of music will you play?

All the music is crystal-clear digital. I have thousands of songs suitable for all your guests. You have access to the complete list of songs once you secure me for your wedding date.

What about obnoxious or offensive songs?

Sometimes this category is very subjective. I play versions of songs used on the radio, generally ok for everyone.

Can I bring my own music for you to play?

I will have 99% of the music you request. If it is “out-of-print” or from another country, I can accept an audio file. You can email the file (MP3 or AAC format) before your wedding. The songs you provide must be family-friendly, and suitable for all ages.

What if the volume is too loud or you play music I don’t like?

You and your guests come first, not the DJ. I will play only the best crowd-pleasing music or requests from your guests. It’s your night. You choose the format, the volume, everything.

What type of attire will the DJ wear?

I always dress for the event… NO t-shirts or shorts!

How much is this going to cost?

You can check out Orlando DJ prices here. I only need a small retainer fee to hold and confirm your wedding day. The balance is due closer to your reception date.

Do I have to provide a meal to the DJ?

It is not required, but you may! Sometimes during a meal, the caterer may also offer a meal to the DJ. Sometimes couples pay for a vendor meal in advance. Even in this case, I will not eat unless invited by you (or the staff).

Are you licensed to do business?

Because I operate a legitimate, professional company, this is crucial. The same goes for insurance. I am both licensed and carry full liability insurance for everyone’s protection.

grey-heart-dividersFor more detailed information about Orlando DJs, please check out my Truth page.