Why Your Orlando Wedding Will Be Completely Awesome

A long time ago, there was a Bride named Jennifer that changed everything.
She said one thing that stuck with me forever...
"Wedding receptions are boring. They're all the same."

WOW. That opened my eyes. How many couples (and guests) feel the same way? Was it true?

The Wedding Reception Blueprint

Jennifer was worried because of wedding DJs she had seen before. Would the DJ resort to cheap party tricks, balloon hats, or blow-up guitars? And something else... she did not want the Chicken Dance or other cheesy DJ tactics.

She made me realize what separates a good DJ from an exceptional DJ. It's more than just the music... it's about creating the "overall atmosphere" of entertainment.

As one of the leading Wedding DJs in Orlando, hosting over 1000 receptions, I've created the Wedding Reception Blueprint®, just for you. It's unique, fun, and ridiculously EASY.

Here's the best part: the Blueprint® is completely FREE. Once you set it in place, it automatically leads your guests "down the path" you want them to take… where they say, "This is the best wedding we've ever been to!"

Let's be clear: It's NOT magic.
It's a proven formula. Your Wedding Reception is so much more than some guy just pressing a button to play music.

You want the most elegant, fun, and creative entertainment possible.
Let's see if we are a "right-fit" for each other.

Have a fear of hiring a "Cheesy" DJ?
I'm going to give you my FREE Article:

"How To Avoid Cheesy Weddings and DJs"
(You're going to LOVE it!)

What should you do next?

Easy! Check your date (above) and we'll take the next step!

Why Chuck is Different than other Orlando Wedding DJs

Your Reception should be unique, memorable, and FUN! You want a fresh, modern perspective to your Wedding Day.
I perform all over Central Florida... including the Resorts and Theme Parks.

When choosing a Wedding DJ in Orlando, you want:

-a DJ with personal references and countless delighted couples
-A DJ that brings NEW ideas to you… such as the Wedding Reception Blueprint®
-A Wedding DJ with years of experience. In Orlando, I've hosted over 1000 weddings.
-A DJ who can handle all your announcements- who is affordable, licensed, AND insured
-And most important… A DJ you feel comfortable with!

What about Orlando DJ companies that use multiple DJs, or contract their jobs out to other wedding DJs?
Here's a promise: you'll never get someone you don't know showing up at your reception.

Reviews are important, and I have more reviews than any other DJ in Orlando.
Or, you can Google "DJ Chuck Johnson Reviews" and see for yourself.
Find how you can turn your reception into an awesome 5-star wedding!

It's your wedding. It's your day...
Let's make it full of *moments* that take your breath away.

How about I give you one of those *moments* RIGHT NOW?
The Kiss Goodnight is one of the most awesome ideas EVER.

The best part… It doesn't cost a DIME. Find out how:

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