March 28, 2016

The Dirty Little Secrets of Wedding DJ Prices


Trying to find Orlando DJs in your price range?
That’s what all the couples tell me they feel… Frustration. And it’s not your fault.

Most people have never hired a DJ before, so yes, I get it.

Here’s how to get past the “WEDDING DJ PRICE” frustration:
Try This Exercise:

1. Do an inventory of your wedding.

Write down the TOP 3 PRIORITIES for your big day. Examples of this could be:

-flowers, cake, having fun
-your dress/tuxedo, entertainment, toasts
-dancing, dinner, photography
-videography, keeping the flow moving, alcohol
-clear announcements, lighting, etc.

2. Now, use 3 adjectives to describe your reception, such as:

-lots of fun, luxury, creative
high-energy, formal
-casual, unique, hip
-elegant, down-to-earth, etc.

3. Lastly, what is the ONE thing you want your guests to remember from your wedding?

Now, look at your results.

Congratulations! You just told yourself what you should be spending most of your budget on… especially the answer to number 3.
Thankfully, I find most couples write down “how awesome it was” or “how much fun they had” I love that- of course that says to me the DJ is really important.

Look at your top 3 priorities.
That’s where the bulk of your money should go.

Here’s a great example.

Many couples assume the food is the most important thing (and maybe it is to some).
But let me ask you this, do you remember the meals from the last few weddings you attended?

Do you ever hear of receptions where people gush over the appetizers? No doubt, it’s possible. And if food is what you want your guests to most remember from your day, then you really should spend the majority of your budget on food.

Trust your instincts- YOU are in charge.
Compare all the Orlando DJ prices you find, then decide wisely where to allocate your dollars.

The DJ Dirty Secret: {Frustration, Part Two}

Why can’t you find hardly any Wedding DJ prices on websites? Because for the good DJs, it’s not cheap.
There. I said it. When you can find DJs ranging in cost from $200-$4000, some DJs are cautious about saying their service costs $1795 right off the bat.

Here’s why: most couples starting out don’t know what else to ask a DJ except for “how much?”
Then, only after you have looked at many websites (and even meet with a few DJs) you start to realize:

“Whoa. There are a LOT of different DJs out there. Some are worth $200.
And even though this one is out of my budget, I can see why this company might be worth $2495”

The Next Problem

Everybody wants value.
Some people think price equals value. And we know that’s not always true.
Sometimes a more expensive price is a better value, and a cheaper price is a terrible value.

DJs are afraid that you think “price” and “value” are the same things.

And there it is…
If all the “good” DJs listed exact prices on websites, everybody visiting their site for the first time would see the “expensive” price.


The best advice to combat this problem is to find a DJ who “speaks to you.”
You should contact a few based on their website, and then see what kind of follow-up you get- after you contact them.
If that works out, then meet your DJ.

Of course, any DJ should be able to provide a starting (or ballpark) price before you meet, so nobody wastes any time.

**if you only do ONE THING, speak with the DJ who will ACTUALLY BE AT YOUR WEDDING**

Don’t be OK just having a company send “anyone” to your reception.
No kidding, no exceptions. It’s like talking to a car dealer, and then hoping they send you a car you like… in six months.

When you find the right DJ, you will know it, I promise.

Now your decision should be much easier. What do you think? Let me know!