May 31, 2021

Submit Your Disney Reception Info

Congratulations! Your Wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

IMPORTANT: Before filling out this form, please make sure I have contacted you first about your Disney Wedding, and that I am confirmed as your Disney DJ.

If you would like to request me for your Disney Wedding, please call me at 407-296-4996.
I can let you know what the proper procedures are for Disney.

For better navigation, use a laptop/desktop, rather than a mobile phone or tablet. It’s much easier that way.

As your Reception Host, MC, and DJ, I need to get a lot of information from you.
This form will cover just about everything- so pull up a chair, relax, and get comfortable… 🙂

Fill out the form as completely as possible, and note the starred (*) information is required.
I’ll need this about 4 weeks before your wedding, but at least 2 weeks before.

Please note that Shades of Green, Four Seasons, Swan/Dolphin, and Hotels at Disney Springs are considered NON-DisneyFTW Weddings.

Please use this form for those hotels.

On the form below, choose about 10-15 must-play song titles you love.
This will allow me the ability to “read” your crowd, accept requests, and get a good feel for what you like.
It also gives me latitude for flexibility to give the best performance possible.
In most cases, we can play about 17 songs per hour.

You CAN submit more than 15 songs if you like (the last box on this form will allow you to do that).
If you submit additional titles, I will make sure you hear your must-plays first, in case the reception time runs out. 

If you have an unusual title- not available on iTunes- I can still play it if you email the MP3 file to:
d j c h u c k @ c l a s s i c d j . c o m

If you choose to email me a file, please make sure it is an MP3 file or an iTunes AAC file (not a WMA or protected file).

There are certain rules at a Disney Wedding Reception, as it is on their property.
Please note these are Disney guidelines that I must follow, thank you for understanding!

-No songs by the artists: R Kelly; Michael Jackson; The Village People
-No music with profanity at any location. I have edited versions of almost any song you might request.
-No music with profanity OR questionable content in these situations:
1. When Disney Characters are present at your reception
2. At a more “open” reception location where other guests can hear your music.
(for example, Ariel’s, Summerhouse, Ballrooms where doors are open, etc.)

Vow Renewal?
Please use this form- and leave anything blank that does not apply.

Phone or text: 407-296-4996
Email address: d j c h u c k @ c l a s s i c d j . c o m

Thanks! I’m looking forward to your Wedding Day!

Please note that all fields with a star (*) are required. THANK YOU!