May 11, 2016

17 Ways To WOW Your Guests

The Wow Effect

When planning your wedding, you may not need the most expensive dress or huge, elaborate floral centerpieces.
What you don’t know…and what the wedding industry doesn’t tell you…is that you can have a day filled with personal, unique touches that really say something about you.

And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.


The secret is what I call the “Wow Effect.”

Have you ever walked into a beautiful, historic building…or climbed to the top of a hill with a gorgeous view…or heard such powerful music that you just lost your words for a minute?
It’s like you were so overwhelmed that it just blew you away.

The Wow Effect is like a magic trick that casts a spell over your guests, transporting them to another world.
Your World.

Your guests are wowed when your wedding is a totally unique expression of you.

It’s vitally important to wow your guests so that they experience your wedding as unique and totally unforgettable.
The bonus is that when they “get” who you are, they become connected and involved…which means they have more FUN.

If you don’t wow your guests, your wedding will be just like every other cookie-cutter wedding they’ve attended.


So, WOW them!
You’ll see it on their faces and they’ll say things like, “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” You can literally influence your guests to have fun.


The Wow Effect happens in a group when you have people involved.
The more you involve your guests, the more it works, and the more unique and fun your wedding becomes.

There are three levels on which you can engage your guests: PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY.
Guess what? None of them are expensive.


1. Engage them in ACTION.
You can do this by inviting them to participate in a reading, performance, or a group activity.

2. Engage them in THOUGHT.
Challenge their minds with a quiz or a game. Get them remembering and imagining.

3. Engage them in EMOTION.
Get your guests involved and invested in the events of your wedding by touching their feelings.
When they really “get” the love between you both, when they laugh or cry, they are emotionally engaged.


These three levels for engaging your guests can be combined for the greatest Wow Effect.
But- by far- the most powerful: emotional engagement.

Who Are You?

The secret to having a wedding that really feels like “you” is weaving your personality into your wedding day as much as possible.

For example… If you and your fiancé share a love of travel, that might be your Wow Factor.
You might choose to name your tables after the places you have visited together.
You might create a scrapbook of your travels or have your DJ play songs from the countries that are special to you.

Engaging your guests isn’t complicated or expensive, but it does involve a little time and thought.

Music Makes the Memories

Have you ever heard a song and immediately started laughing as you relived a funny memory?
Music is an incredibly powerful way to engage your guests.
It engages both emotionally and physically: your guests feel the music as they dance to it.

If you don’t take advantage of the powerful effect music has on engaging your guests, you miss out on an easy way to make your wedding totally you.


Here are some great places to include those special songs in your wedding day:

1. Your processional down the aisle.
Unless you have a strict church ceremony, you aren’t limited to The Wedding March or Canon in D.
Any love song or instrumental can take your emotions to the next level.

2. Your parent dances.
If there is a song your mom or dad always sang to you, use it for your parent dance.
You don’t have to use a “traditional” Father-Daughter song.
A personal choice makes it extra special for both you and your guests.

3. Your introduction music.
Your introduction music can be anything from Metallica’s Enter Sandman to James Brown’s I Feel Good.
Pick a song that makes a statement about your personality and makes you feel awesome, setting the tone for your whole reception.

Another way to engage your guests is to get them involved physically.

Physical movement engages your guests and gets them actively involved.
Entertainers have known this secret for years; that’s why so many of them rely on participation dances.
Once your guests are up and moving, everything gets fun.

You don’t have to use these types of participation methods.
A Good DJ will tell you how to get your gets moving without using the Electric Slide.

17 Ways To Wow Your Guests

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.
Use your creativity, imagination and Wow Factors to find even more ways that fit your personality.

17 Ways To Wow

1. A list of trivia questions about you for each table to answer.

2. Favors that relate to your hobby or special interest.

3. Childhood photographs of you and your fiancé displayed in an album or on a table.

4. Your parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos.

5. Pictures of your pets.

6. Put together a collage of your love letters from a long distance romance.

7. Playing your favorite team’s theme song.

8. Cardboard cutouts of the friend who introduced you but couldn’t be at the wedding.

9. Sharing your love story during your ceremony or reception.

10. Playing the newlywed game.

11. A special thank you friendship dance with all your guests.

12. Play or dedicate a song to a friend as an inside joke.

13. Leave a gag gift, like a clown nose or fake moustache, at each place setting and photograph all your guests wearing them.

14. A scavenger hunt using cameras to “hunt” for images… post to Facebook!

15. Write special vows that unite your family and friends.

16. Play your guests’ wedding songs.

17. Have your guests write thoughts and wishes for a “time capsule” you’ll open on your 10th wedding anniversary.

Whew! That’s a lot!

Make your day unique… personalize and customize every element of your wedding.

What Should You Do Next?

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