May 3, 2016

How To TRUST Your DJ

This could be the trickiest topic of all…

Since most couples are concerned with avoiding “cheesy” songs… and most want to include their favorite song titles, creating a playlist makes a lot of sense.

Also important: The Do Not Play List lets your DJ know the songs you don’t want.


But here’s where it gets tricky…

You can’t make your guests dance to the music you choose- any more than you can make them have fun.

Even if you’ve chosen the best songs, and your guests don’t respond, you’re stuck with an empty dance floor. DJs have different ways of dealing with this. Some allow you to request a few of your favorite songs, so they have the flexibility to read the crowd; other DJs will play anything you want.

Personally, I encourage couples to be as involved as they like in the music selection, but give a good balance. If the songs are classic, familiar, and easy to dance to, everyone from Grandma to the kids will dance. But if the song choices are more eclectic, it might not fly. Non dance-able songs are suited best for dinner music.

What I find works best is:

Have a list of “Must Play” songs and a “Do Not Play” list. I combine that with my experience of reading the crowd to maximize the dance floor.
I integrate your “Must Plays” with your other requests, while still keeping the dance floor packed.

Which brings me to the second piece of the equation…TRUST.

If you’re going for the best of both worlds, you need to trust your DJ understands your vision. Otherwise you can’t trust them to do what’s best for your party. So what can you do? First, choosing the right entertainer is extremely important. Talk to him about how he will handle your request list…and what he will do if it isn’t working.

Second, decide what’s most important to you. Is it important to hear your must plays, or more important that your guests are dancing all night long? Chances are you can have both, but one must have priority.

If you’re not sure, ask your DJ! He should give you an honest assessment based on his experience. He’s a professional…and he’s good at what he does. Trust him. At the same time, it is your wedding. If you must stick to a strict playlist, you can. Just make sure your DJ knows what you want him to do if no one is dancing.

What Should You Do Next?

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